Our story began many years ago when our owner Gary Phelps had a horrible experience when having his new fence installed. At that moment he decided that never again should someone have to struggle so much to get a simple job done right, in time, and most importantly within budget. His legacy and dedication to customer service now flows through our entire company and shines through in every aspect of our business. From our highly trained call center staff to our expert installation teams who will get the job done in a speedy and effective manner. We pride ourselves on providing each of our clients with a level of individual service they would never have experienced before. You can take that to the bank.

Whilst you are there you can deposit all the money you saved after choosing one of our highly rated fence services. Having firmly established our roots in the Chesapeake district and surrounding areas, we have quickly become the leading name in fencing solutions. Striving to always provide our clients with unique fencing solutions that will set them apart from the rest and add that little extra something that was always missing. So give us a call today and let us help you find the right fencing solution to suit your needs. We promise we won’t let you down and that you will never again have to wonder who will get it done.


Chesapeake Fence Builders