Fence Design and Installation

Fence Design and Installation

A fence does not just provide a sense of safety and security when it comes to your home or office space. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing so that it adds to your properties’ appeal and value. Over the years there have been groundbreaking advances in both fence design and installation. We may have even developed a couple ourselves. From wood to steel. Solid to palisade. Vinyl or Aluminium We can assure no matter what design you choose. We have the right techniques and solutions to make sure it is standing firm and tall for many years to come.

Which Is Best?

There is actually no right answer to this question. While some designs and materials may provide different solutions to your problems. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. While traditional materials such as wood and metal are still popular. Vinyl fencing solutions have taken the fencing world by storm. It offers certain characteristics that other materials simply do not. This is why it is crucial to understand exactly what your fencing requirements maybe before we help design the perfect solution fence for you. So put us to the test and call us today.

What Must I Consider When Choosing The Right Design?

Over the years we have picked up on a couple of crucial aspects our clients need to consider when contemplating which design would suit them best. Security needs would be the first question we need to answer. Is your fence there to protect or just add to the beauty of your home. Are you looking to shield your home and yard from the elements, especially wind? Or are you trying to keep those four-legged friends inside the yard? There a few more important questions we need you to answer. So call us now.

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Just like the design choices we have for you to choose from. Our range of install techniques needs to be just as varied. Whilst there are some similarities when preparing the site, it really does depend on what material you have chosen and the design option. For example, aluminum fences are by far the easiest to assemble and install. If we consider wooden fences as an example, these installs and design processes can take a lot more time to get done perfectly. To find out more about what we have to offer, call us and let us find the perfect fencing solution for you.

How High?

This is another consideration that requires a bit more information so that we can make sure your fence is the height you want it. In our experience, our clients tend to range between the heights of between 3 and 8 feet. That is a big variation and as stated above this is usually determined by the reasons you want to install the fence. From security to beauty or both. From providing a grand entrance to your home or simply a way to mark your property boundaries. Let us help you determine how high is high enough.